Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oxy Skin Care

OXY Skin Care 40K Fan Celebration Giveaway on Facebook - OXY Clinical Acne Solutions Pack

This is actually a great system and came in handy for one of my daughters who says it works. We will certainly buy more when it runs out which makes you wonder if it's really a prize lol.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Robitussin.com - Robitussin blanket

Great sport blanket. I will probably give it away as a gift since I own so many already. I'm planning on getting a storage bin just for prizes like this. When someone in my family needs a gift for a birthday or something, they can just see what we have and wrap it up.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Past Wins

Although I am just starting this blog, I have been entering contests for some time so I thought I would list my wins up until today.

2000 Iwon.com $10,000 Cash
2009 Bensbargains.com Xbox 360

Oct 2011 Progressive $25 Fuel Card
Oct 2011 Star Products Olive oil & Bag
Oct 2011 Lazy Forever Snuggie
Oct 2011 Freschetta Proud to Support Pink Giveaway Coupon for a free pizza and 2 sets of headphones
Oct 2011 Quaker Oats Free box of Oatmeal
Oct 2011 Gildan College Care Package
Oct 2011 Coca Cola Free T-shirt
Oct 2011 Allstate Free T-shirt
Oct 2011 Twix Coupon for free twix candy bar
Nov 2011 Hot Pockets Coupon for free box of hot pockets
Nov 2011 Floform $100 prize pack
Nov 2011 Uni-Ball 3 Mechanical Pencils
Nov 2011 Pinholepress.com $50 in Holiday Cards
Nov 2011 Glee Pot O' Gold Sweepstakes iTunes & Lucky Charms Gift basket
Nov 2011 Energizer Smoke Detector Giveaway Smoke Detector & Batteries
Nov 2011 Kimberly-Clark Professional Pink Helmet Sweepstakes W10 HaloX Pink Welding Helmet
Nov 2011 Robitussin Instant Win & Sweepstakes Umbrella
Nov 2011 Dove Chocolate 2 coupons for free chocolate bars