Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Panama Jack Beach Cruiser Prize Pack Seaworld 25 Days of Christmas

  • Panama Jack ladies beach cruiser
  • Panama Jack mens beach cruiser
  • Panama Jack shorepoint wheeled backpack
  • Panama Jack beach tote
  • Panama Jack visor (PJ13 and PJ63 - 2 of each)
  • Panama Jack sunglasses (2 mens, 2 womens)
  • Panama Jack suncare survival pack
I was emailed about this win and they requested my phone number in a reply. They called me the next day to go over the paperwork required and told me they would have it here before Christmas. I was totally impressed as most prizes take weeks to get to your home. 

UPDATE: Finally received the last of this prize pack today. Turns out that it included 2 sets of bikes and 2 sets of bags. This equals 1 item for each member of the family, pretty cool!


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